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The Return

It’s been a while. When the original bbgm went down, I thought it would take a few days bringing it back online. Days became weeks, weeks became months. It’s been over a year since I last wrote a post, and strangely enough for a while there it felt good not to think about writing. Life has been incredibly busy, especially once I moved into my current role. The little spare time available has been spent with family and indulging hobbies old and new.

For now, I have given up any illusions of trying to resurrect the original bbgm, but loss brings new opportunities, and this blog is that opportunity. As always I will write about things I care about, especially science, which is a smaller part of my life than it has been in years. As always, there will be limited writing about my day job, but there’s enough to write about in the world of science, technology, and product development.

The original bbgm ran on Wordpress. For a long time, I’ve wanted to switch to more static sites. uses Jekyll and uses nanoc. This site uses Octopress, which is a blogging system on top of Jekyll, and is hosted on Amazon S3. Oh and here’s the new bbgm RSS feed.

So yes, this is a reboot of bbgm. Whether it has any legs remains to be seen.