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Adieu My Friend

Friendfeed is no more. It seems like many moons ago that I spent almost all my social time on Friendfeed. I started a room called The Life Scientists right around the time Friendfeed introduced rooms with no idea if anyone would ever show up. They did and we ended up forming a community that I will cherish for a long long time. Many friendships were made. There were many discussions on a variety of topics near and dear to my heart. Then came the acquisition and slowly most of all left. This day was inevitable, and it has been ages since I visited the site, but I still feel a little down and definitely very nostalgic. My old blog is no more, so all the articles around Friendfeed are also lost. I suppose that blog and Friendfeed represent a period of innocence for a lot of us who cared about science, about open science, and the avenues that might make it work. We’ve all grown older and, hopefully, wiser.

Fittingly the best Friendfeed farewell comes from Neil, who to me is synonymous with those days. He has also archived a couple of the best rooms.